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The Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo (CeSEM) was born inTrieste in 2012 from a group of contributors of other italian realities.

CeSEM is willing to promote publications, documentaries, seminars as well as meetings with scholars, experts but also common people not only interested in the study of geopolitics, but who also have a point of view that embraces the peculiarities of the Euroasian mass and the specificities of the Mediterranean basin. Taking into account the characteristics these areas share in terms of history, culture, religion and philosophy, CeSEM aims to interpret objectively today’s occurrences, as well as to promote a model of social and economical development not affected by the theory of the “clash of civilisations”, or by an ideological approach towards the free market.

At present, the world is facing a significant shift from a unipolar system whose centre is the United States’ hegemony, to a multipolar one (BRICS, Eurasian Union, “neobolivarism” in South America, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, or the European Union, provided the latter can distance itself from the Euro-Atlantic guide). This phase appears complex and articulated, therefore, CeSEM finds its main aims in providing the readers with interpretative keys to understand the historical moment, and promote both knowledge and awareness useful to boost this transition.

To do that, CeSEM can rely on a group of interdisciplinary contributors – able of providing analyses of several contexts from different perspectives – who will deepen international and regional themes, as well as a wide range of governmental realities.




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