Terrorism and Advanced Technologies in Psychological Warfare: New Risks, New Opportunities to Counter the Terrorist Threat

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Advanced technologies in the contemporary society enable many social problems to be resolved. However, due to the imperfect nature of social relations in human society, these technologies are very often used against human security and public interest. One of the most obvious and dangerous expressions of such usage is the activity of terrorist organizations, which potentially threatens the very foundations of democracy and social security This book is a first attempt to analyze the current practice and future risks of high-tech psychological warfare waged by terrorists on a national and cross-border basis. An international team of authors from eleven countries assesses the quantitative and qualitative development of the psychological impact of terrorists on their target audiences, taking into account the wider context of global social, economic and political shifts and acute geopolitical contradictions. The book also presents new understandings on methods of countering the psychological impact of terrorists on modern society. These methods include a wide range of technical and social tools – from philosophical concepts and cultural theories to the use of artificial intelligence to prevent terrorism and ensure psychological security of society and its progressive democratic development. It should be clarified that the implementation of advanced technologies by terrorists in the broad sense of the word is based on the contradictory social role of these technologies today and in the foreseeable future.

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