Mar. Mag 24th, 2022

International Prize «WE ARE TOGETHER»

Iscriviti alla newsletter del CeSEM

Il Centro Studi Eurasia e Mediterraneo ha ricevuto e pubblica sul proprio sito la lettere di presentazione del premio We Are Together International, iniziativa promossa dall’Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC)

Dear colleagues, 

My name is Catherine, and I am writing to you on behalf of the Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC). In 2020, our Association initiated the We Are Together international prize. The goal of the Prize is to encourage citizens and organizations from all over the world for their great contribution to solving important humanitarian problems. The 2021 event is dedicated to contribution of personalities and organizations to the fight against the spread of the COVID-19. More information about the Prize is attached to the letter (see the «Presentation Prize» file attached).

COVID-19 has affected every country, and it is commonly known how much suffering it caused in Italy in particular. Nevertheless, the Italians have made an immense contribution to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. In these hard times, encouraging those who helped others selflessly is our imperative and purpose.

As we highly appreciate our warm relations with Italy, the AVC team was lucky to get your contacts from our partners from the Russian Ambassy in Rome. On behalf of the Association, I hereby wish to propose il Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo (CeSEM) a partnership. We strongly believe that our cooperation can be very fruitful and mutually beneficial.

The application campaign for the participants is currently running, and our Association is actively working on promoting the We Are Together prize through the Media. Our official website and social media accounts helps us in fulfilling this task, however, expanding the range of media sources of promotion could help us reach a broader audience.

In this regard, we would like to kindly ask for your assistance in sharing information about our Prize on your official web pages (website, social media). We would appreciate if you posted announcements about the application campaign for the Prize, which is running until September, 20 – thus, we could encourage more people to participate in this event. To make our cooperation mutually satisfactory, we readily suggest our partners such benefits, as participation on the Award Ceremony, accreditation for Mass Media, exclusive materials, etc. – we welcome your initiative regarding this question. Moreover, some of the members of CeSEM could consider submitting an individual or a collective application — they would qualify for the «Education and technologies» nomination.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please, let us know whether you are interested in such cooperation and do not hesitate to share your views on how we could change its conditions to make them more convenient for you.