Il Centro Studi Eurasia e Mediterraneo a Dozza per l’evento “Emilia Romagna e Cina. Opportunità, economia e turismo”

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Alcune foto dell’incontro di Dozza “Emilia Romagna e Cina. Opportunità, economia e turismo” e dei relatori ospiti dell’Enoteca regionale Emilia Romagna. Di seguito l’intervento di Bao Mangyan, Consigliere dell’Ambasciata della Repubblica Popolare Cinese in Italia

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Good afternoon everyone! Thanks for inventing me to attend this event. China and Italy share a great friendship. For the past few years, China-Italy relations have been developing with a sound momentum, and set a splendid model of interaction and cooperation between eastern and western civilizations. The combination of capital, market of China and design, technology of Italy shows great vigor and vitality and brings us huge advantages. A large number of mutually beneficial and win-win projects are constantly emerging. Trade between China and Italy stands at roughly 50 billion US dollars each year. China invested more than 10 billion US dollars in Italy in 2014, Italy has become one of China’s major investment destination in Europe. The number of Chinese companies in Italy has reached 100, involving in finance, telecommunications, machinery manufacturing, research and development, design and many other fields. They have created thousands of job positions for Italian people. As our Prime Minister Li Keqiang says, the cooperation between China and Italy has surpassed the stage of simple commodity trade, and entered into a new high-level stage.
Emilia-Romagna is one of the most important developed region of Italy. Its machinery manufacturing, creative design and food processing industries are all in the leading position of the world. There are also many world famous teaching & research institutions, such as University of Bologna, providing great support to enterprises here. Emilia-Romagna walked in the front rank in terms of cooperation with China. I accompanied our ambassador to visit ‘Lovol Arbos’ twice this year, it`s a subsidiary with Chinese investment. At the beginning, there are 3 options for location in Europe, Lyon of France, München of Germany and Bologna of Italy, after careful assessment, they chose Bologna. This fully endorses the competitiveness of Emilia-Romagna.
Some friends here may also know that China is currently promoting the’ one belt one road’ strategy. I hope you could look to the future and innovate the cooperation mode to seize this opportunity, making development and growth for your own business and for our two countries.
Today is also the book conference for “to discover Tibet”. Me and the Embassy of China both appreciate the excellent job which has be done by Mr. Marco, Mr. Stefano and Mr. Andrea. This book takes us to comprehend the development of history ,religion and culture of Tibet, and to feel the changes of social economy of Tibet, through a unique Italian human perspective. It gives you a convenient access into Tibet. I hope that, through this book, there will be more and more people, fall in love with Tibet and fall in love with China.

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