Lun. Lug 26th, 2021

[ENG] “We urge you to begin the process of establishing the International Tribunal for Coronavirus”

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political parties and public organizations

 Secretary General of the United Nations 

on the establishment of the International Tribunal for Coronavirus

The world is undergoing a massive coronavirus pandemic. At risk is every person, every family, every country. Coronavirus threatens the health and even life of people, and the state plunges into a severe socio-economic crisis.

This bacteriological attack will become a black page in world history. Today it is important to understand what nature coronavirus has, whether it is a consequence of a natural mutation or whether it was created artificially in secret laboratories.

If coronavirus is a natural phenomenon, then the world must figure out how to prepare for its new attacks. If it is an artificial virus, then its creators should be held responsible for all the tragic consequences that have happened in the world.

The causes of the global coronavirus pandemic should be investigated in detail and made public. Those responsible for the pandemic, if any are found during the investigation, must be brought to justice and severely punished.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation into the causes of the United Nations coronavirus pandemic, the fight against the creation and proliferation of bacteriological weapons should be launched again, the activities of relevant scientific institutions around the world should be checked and tight international control should be established over them, just as was done with respect to the creation and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The investigation of the causes of the coronavirus pandemic and the punishment of those responsible should be undertaken by the specially established International Tribunal for Coronavirus. Independent scientific experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations from around the world should also take part in its work.

We urge you to begin the process of establishing the International Tribunal for Coronavirus.

Today the fate of the world is being decided and it is in our power to restore freedom and security to the world.

Andrei Getmanov
Leader of International Party of Russia